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Tired of Stubborn Grout Stains?

Let us remove the soils and dirt from your tile and grout  to restore the appearance of your floors.

When “Do It Yourself” Doesn’t Get It Done!

For many homeowners, tile cleaning can become an exercise in frustration. Even with regular cleaning, tile surfaces and grout lines become discolored and often cannot be restored to their original color.

Grout cleaning can be especially difficult, since the grout lines are porous and stains often sink in and become embedded. Have you ever crawled around your floor with a scrub brush and a bucket full of tile cleaner in an attempt to return your tile and grout to its original color and only made a small improvement or no improvement at all?

Watch Our Tile Cleaning Demonstration

We Clean All Tile Floor Types:

Our Tile Cleaning Process: With our professional grade tile cleaning agents, 250 degree water, and 1,000 p.s.i. of rinsing power, we will get your tile cleaner than you could have ever imagined. Here’s how our three step process works:

Alkaline Cleansing: First we apply a highly alkaline tile cleaner to the surface and scrub every inch of surface area with a heavy duty floor scrubber. We then utilize or truck mounted tile cleaning equipment to simultaneously rinse and extract the soiled solution. We use a high-powered vacuum system to extract the soiled solution to a waste tank in our truck for proper disposal. This process is also very effective for marble cleaning, granite cleaning, and for cleaning other natural stone surfaces.

Acid Etching: Certain embedded stains in the grout lines may not be completely removed with the alkaline solution. In these areas, we may apply an acidic cleaning agent to etch the grout lines. The etching process is an aggressive grout cleaning process and helps us to remove most stubborn stains. We then rinse and extract the soiled solution. (Here’s an important tip: Acidic cleaning solutions, or acidic agents such as vinegar, or lemon juice should not be used for marble cleaning, limestone cleaning, or for cleaning any other calcium-based natural stone surface. The acid in these agents will react with the calcium in the stone surfaces and will change the appearance of the stone).

Grout Sealing, Stone Sealing:
Once the cleaning process is completed, we recommend the application of a protective sealer. After ceramic tile cleaning, we are primarily sealing the grout lines, since the surface of the tile is glazed and non-porous. However, after marble cleaning, granite cleaning, or after cleaning any other natural stone surface, we seal both the grout lines and the surface of the stone, since natural stone surfaces are porous and will accept the sealer. The sealing process will not change the appearance of the surface. The sealer impregnates the surface, or fills in the pores in grout lines or natural stone surfaces and helps to prevent future spills or soils from deeply staining the surfaces. A properly sealed surface will be easier for you to clean, and will also be more sanitary.

Consumer demand for ceramic tile and natural stone surfaces continues to grow. If you have made the choice to invest in a ceramic tile, or a natural stone surface in your home, you have probably made a significant long term investment. Protect your investment with proper maintenance.

Chris did an excellent job cleaning the granite floors in our office (Noah also). He made an initial visit to take a tour of what needed to be completed and within two days I had a quote. He worked around the hours of the office and came in on a weekend. He was professional, courteous, and his work was outstanding. His prices were very reasonable and I would recommend his services 110%.

– Karen Binington

A New Floor! I can not believe the difference. I had a tiled kitchen floor that was 15 years old and had accumulated the type of dirt over the years that basic cleaning just would not remove. WOW! i can not believe it. Thanks.

– Pat, Weston, CT

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