Helping Landlords keep their property clean

Helping Landlords keep their property clean

Before and After Carpet Cleaning Hey landlords….we know how difficult it is to keep your rental properties clean. Sometimes tenants leave the unit looking like a mess. Let us get in between tenants and spruce up your rental unit. Call 203-245-4427 and we will clean up...
Kilim Rug Cleaned

Kilim Rug Cleaned

We just cleaned this beautiful Kilim rug in our shop.  Kilim rugs originated in the Anatolia area of Turkey and are distinguished by a flat weave construction and bold geometric shapes.  The weavers use a “slitweave” technique that leaves small gaps...
Rugs to Avoid

Rugs to Avoid

We just successfully cleaned this rug which is 60% wool and 40% sisal. Sisal is a natural fiber derived from the Agave plant which is native to Southern Mexico but is now cultivated in many other countries.  I would not recommend buying a Rug with Sisal content.  If...

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